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PvP weekly broken - not available in 30-59 bracket


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Since 3.0 the PvP weekly has not been available in 30-59 bracket... For most people... Although I do hear that a select few can get the weekly... But for most of us it is broken and we can't pick it up

I have 17 toons on Harbinger... When 3.0 came out I had 8 at lvl 55, 1 at 19 and the rest inbetween...

The toon at LVL 19 has had the weeklies up until I LVL'ed into the 30-59 bracket and it is now not available

My toons at LVL 60 now have the weekly again

Can we have some feed back as to what is happening to fix it

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No kidding. One of my level 55 character has not been able to get PvP weekly for at least a year (since like 50; no joke). Recently the same thing happened to my other two characters. Filed a bug report but it did nothing. Someone's gotta fix this. Please.


It is making it harder to get full ranked comms by LVL 60 even with the conversions... Maybe this was the reason why it's not there... But if it is... Please tell us

At this stage it looks like it is a BUG that needs fixing

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