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Great way to improve stronghold usage


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Have the game remember our location in each stronghold across logins/outs. Most of the people I know focus all their utilities in the entrance areas (GTN/Storage/Mailbox) and a lot don't bother decorating beyond that besides plastering the other rooms with trophies/chairs/sofas to get their Stronghold Bonus up.


It's just a chore to have to keep running through your stronghold to the nicest looking locations, each and every time. This really takes a lot of the fun out of strongholds for me as I transition there frequently to do trading and access storage and it would be awesome to have them in my favorite areas of each stronghold.


I would love to use my throne room at the bottom of my Nar Shaddaa stronghold but I can't be bothered running all the way there each time, it only takes 27 seconds on foot but it's not just the time, it's also the inconvenience of having to keep doing it.


It would be awesome if my character could login on fleet, use the Stronghold Panel to travel straight to the bottom room of Nar Shaddaa and then load into the harem at the top of the stairs in my Dromund Kaas stronghold, then to one of the Command Deck rooms on my guild ship. It will totally change the experience of the strongholds and guild ships and hopefully motivate more people to get into decorating.

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