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Add "resource information" to combat logs


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Hi, my name is Kihra. I am the creator of Warcraft Logs and WildStar Logs, and I am interested in porting my system over to SWTOR.


One of the big features of my site is a view called Combat Replay that is able to replay the combat, showing player positions, raid frames, casts, health, etc.


In order to bring this system to SWTOR, I need some information added to the combat log. I wanted to suggest what it is that I need so that you could consider adding it.


(1) Hit Points and Max Hit Points.

(2) X and Y positions (for both players and enemies).


In terms of what WoW does, they communicate this information for the source of the event for casts, and for the taret of the event for damage/healing. For most other types of events, they don't include this info.


This gives a sufficient sampling to show positions and health accurately.

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