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Tait | Gree Light Pillar (Blue) | Still destroying itself.. after 6 months ..


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This was reported to u 5 months ago and u spoke on it less then a week ago ...


I logged after 3.1 and the Gree Light Pillar (Blue) | Still destroying itself..


I got one now . I owned 2 pre patch and got 1 after the patch.. and its destroyed it self again




When I ticket CS say


" We can t find it on our systems that u had it "


this is what u put 02.02.2015,


This example falls firmly into the "subject to change" part:


The fix for this is scheduled for 3.1 but hasn't been finalized yet, so wouldn't be in the notes at this stage.

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The gree event is back and this still isn't fixed


I'm not sure how they can't "find it in their system that you owned it" because:


If I go to the vendor and mouse over the item it tells me that I own some, so the system knows that I've purchased it and used it.


However, in the decorations list it still shows as 0/0 and can not be used.


So, something somewhere in their system registered that I had purchased this and used it or the vendor mouse over of the item would not show me owning them.

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There is a workaround. This worked for me.


I might have stumbled on a workaround. I bought a blue pillar and initially couldn't get it to display to place it. But once I selected Show Unlocked (as opposed to the Show Available I normally use, or Show All), it displayed as 1/1 and I was able to place it.
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