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Guardian/Jugg Tank PvE Set Bonus


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Hi All,


Has anybody done any analysis or have any thoughts they could share regarding whether running 6 pieces of 192 set bonus gear (for tanking in pve) is better than running 2 pieces of 192 gear and 4 pieces of the old 186 set bonus gear? If one has 6 pieces of 192 set bonus gear, the bonuses are (1) Crushing Blow/Guardian Slash gives 2% damage reduction; (2) Warding Strike reduces the cd of taunt; and (3) Increased duration of Blade Turning by 1.5 seconds and Warding Call by 3 seconds. (For those who forget the names of things, Blade Turning is the 100% melee and ranged defense one gets for the first few seconds of Saber Ward; Warding Call is the cd specific to tanks that reduces damage by 40%). The 4-pc bonus on the old tier of gear is (1) Increases duration of blade turning by 1 second and Warding call by 2 seconds; and (2) increases amount absorbed by sonic barrier by 20%.


So, by wearing the new 6-pc instead of 2 pieces of new gear and 4 of the old, one gains .5 seconds on blade turning and 1 second on Warding Call, but loses the 20% bonus to sonic barrier. (I'm ignoring, for simplicity, the lowered cd on taunt, which is not useful in PvE.) That seems like a bad trade just looking at the set bonuses. However, the 6-pc set has higher str/endurance and armor, which is pretty significant.


So I'm wondering, does anybody have any analysis as to which is better, and at what level of gear does the 6-pc become better than 2pc/4pc? For example, my guild didn't clear all of NiM DF and DP, so for me I have a choice between running 6 pieces of 192 or running 2 192, 2 186, and 2 180. My intuition is that I'm better off with the 6-pc, but I don't have any math or testing to back that up.


I'd appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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I'm thinking 6 piece will edge it out because the higher armor rating will offset the extra mitigation from Sonic Barrier. Sonic Barrier with the set bonus mitigates around 1500 damage on average, so without, you're looking at about 1200, or a loss of 300. So the question is, is 300 HPS worth the extra damage you'd mitigate with a higher armor rating? In addition, the armor will be more valuable against spike damage, as it will reduce bigger hits by a larger amount.


That said, even the 6 piece bonus (slight duration increases to 2 extremely lengthy cooldown abilities) isn't that great, Guardian/Jugg tank is probably the one class where you could go with almost all comm 198 pieces and come out on top (save for the 2 piece which does still have good value). They really ought to improve the 6 piece in some way though I'm not sure how.

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Higher Armour due to higher tier, about 1,5% when swapping from 186 to 192.

4p setbonus allows a rotation with that you'll never loose aggro, however it is unlikely to ever loose aggro without it.

more strength+hp, especially hp will become important in the new hm ops



You'll loose force scream bubble buff which is abt 27healing per second.

2p bonus of the new set sucks, its 2% dmg reduction for 3 seconds or so. CB has a cooldown of 15 seconds. So basically the buff is up 1/5 of the time. Which means it actually increases your dmg reduction by 0.4%.



I would however go for the new setbonus. But getting 198 armorings is better than the 192 setarmorings, because the bonus are so bad it doesnt even make a difference. 198 armorings will get you the highest possible armour.


is 300 HPS worth the extra damage you'd mitigate with a higher armor rating?


Yes it would be worth it, however force scream has a cd of 12 seconds. So its not 300hps but 300/12hps. Which is then not better than increasing ones armour. However Force scream bubble also absorbs internal/elemental dmg which is not effected by armour.


They could easily change the new setbonus. Both dmg reduction setbonus 2p and 6p are not effective in any way. Instead they could reimplement the force scream bubble increase it also would help the dmg profile of the juggernaut against force/tech biased fights, where he is still the worst tank class except when saber reflect works.


(save for the 2 piece which does still have good value


It doesn't because of its short duration.

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I think the new 2 piece is still decent because its additive DR, not multiplicative, and works on all damage types. Although its true that Sin/PT versions have way more uptime (especially PT). Also Crushing Blow has a 12 sec cd, so actually more like 0.5% on average. And you're only giving up 2 armorings since its the 2 piece, so the amount of armor you'd gain is minimal going from 192 to 198 (and also wouldn't improve your internal/elemental resist like you pointed out with the Scream example).


OK, easy fix for Juggs, 2 piece lasts for 4 seconds instead of 3 (brings them more in line with the other 2 tanks), 6 piece increases Blade Turning by 3 seconds and Invincible by 5 seconds. If those cooldowns are going to remain 2 and a half minutes (longest tank cooldowns outside of Kolto Overload), they deserve a decent boost.


If you wanted to replace either of those with a Sonic Barrier buff, let it be 50% more mitigated, rather than 20%, so its something really worth having, and let it be the 6 piece bonus.

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