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Here's our chance GSFers


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I've read on Dulfy earlier today that Bioware is cancelling/delaying a game in order to enroll that team into SWTOR to meet the anticipated Star Wars craze (Star Wars 7) expected next year and help in development. So with these added resources and no mention of GSF in the 2015 swtor roadmap I am emploring anyone with an interest in GSF to make your voices heard by Bioware developers that further development of GSF matters to you, that you're willing to support it, that it has great potential in your eyes. Yes, GSF is a mini-game within a greater game but it has much more going for it than that. That there is a dedicated community, loving it and supporting it and that it deserves a make-over and booster shot not to be put on life support.


Now is perhaps our one and only chance to maybe influence Bioware a little in our direction, maybe they'll give GSF another look, hell they already have a whole new ship class developed and "sitting on a shelf" (yes I know it needs tweaking before it's playable) but obviously GSF has room for growth it just lacked/lacks manpower and reinforcements are on the way. Let the lobbying begin!!

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