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[Republic] First Knights of the Republic


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short version is that I am looking for new members for my guild, mostly casuals, there is only one rule: always choose light side option in conversation.


Now long version...


Guild origins

I created this guild with few other players even before SWTOR was released. We were originally assigned to server Luka Sene and guild name was "Knights of the Republic" back then. When servers merged, we were moved to Red Eclipse and guild had to be renamed so we chose this. Over the time, people left and in the end it was just me and I left the game. Twice. Now, after a long time, I resubscribed and seeing as guild is still alive, I don't want to destroy it so I have decided to renew it if possible.


One rule

If you wonder why is there that one rule that you should always choose light side option... we had this rule from the very beginning. It's not supposed to be a restriction, it's rather a filter for people. Of course it is expected that all members are (mentally) mature, patient, willing to help occasionally and they don't swear in chat.



We never had any scheduled events, occasionally we can do some flashpoint and if there is enough people, we may try some operation as well. There is no restriction, you can do PvE, PvP, GFS or just level up chars and chat.



If you are interested in joining, contact me in game, char name is "Angelo". I am usually online every day around 19:00-21:00 GMT.


thx for reading


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