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PVE GUILD Recruiting <Smurff Berrys> Looking for New Raiders for a raid only guild


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As the title says above we are recruiting for new blood for the guild, all classes and players, we raid all day when others are on but have a scheduled raid time of 6 pm central 7 pm eastern every day for the guild, we are a small guild that has been around for a year and wish to expand. We only raid and craft in this guild, no RP or Conquesting.


If you are interested in joining, send an in-game mail to Mystearicaa or Alanya. We have not completed nightmare content and some hard mode content but we complete Ravagers pub side 3 times a week and are currently working on clearing ToS.


We are very demanding of our guildies and require you to gear yourself correctly and to learn mechanics regardless of if the gear allows you to ignore the mechanics or not. We have 2 master crafters in guild that are on every day and can help you gear up, but you are required to furnish your own materials for anything we craft. You are required to put 1 toon in the guild, but can bring alts in guild raids. we also require that people be willing to learn 2 roles if you are going to bring 2 or more characters on guild raids (because the majority of players are all dps, if thats all you want to do is dps,i am sorry but we need other roles to flesh out the raid,and you will be limited to 1 toon you can bring on the guild raids).



Mail in-game or post on this thread and Mystearicaa or Alanya will get in touch with you.

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