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Hard Mode Flashpoint Rewards..., Still Very Little Incentive


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When the Stronghold Expansion was first released flashpoints had specific decorations attached to them. More importantly, the level 50 and 55 hard mode flashpoints all guaranteed decoration drops from their bonus bosses. The new level 60 HM FP's do not. The Legacy of the Rakata flashpoint doesn't even have a decoration drop created for it. Now I understand that recovered relics/manaan relics were added to the rewards system and there is deco related to those FP's. I also understand that prior to releasing HM versions of those FP's the RNG was fitting. However, 192 gear that drops from FP's are so far out of stat budget that they're practically equal/inferior to the 180 token HM gear that drops from DF/DP.


There is practically no incentive to obtain that gear (unless you actually put some min/max mods or enhancements in them). There is even less incentive to get the elite comms, see above reason. Also, with exception to the craftable mods, the 186 craftable gear is above and beyond better than anything we're receiving from HM FP drops. What reason is there left to do these HM FP's if not for the deco? If the deco is not guaranteed on the bonus boss and we're not even getting guaranteed relic currency...., ? Even the 25/25 FP Boss takedown achievements are only worth their points. Take a look, there's no deco, titles or CC's attached to their completion. The only reward system left to speak of is the conquest points to be gained. Neither I or most members in my guild, nor many other players that I've spoken to find conquest points incentive enough and prefer to craft than waste 30 mins to an hour (depending on what players you get stuck with) for useless gear and steep RNG for deco/mounts/quality of life drops.


So I ask again, for the raider population out there that started out this expansion not needing anything the lvl 60 HM FP's drops, what's our incentive? I don't much mind if there is a better idea that the developers or player base can come up with, but for now can we get some guaranteed deco/relic currency out of our frickin' bonus bosses?

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Yes, Hard Mode flash point Bonus BOSS used to be a 100% chance of a deco drop. Has been like that since strongholds came out. The main reason to do the Bonus Boss's. Now since 4.0 and the redesign of FP's this is no longer the case, and it is not in the Patch notes.


What is going on, what real incentive is there for grinding out the bonus boss's. Are flash points just irrelevant now?


I left this game for some time because of all the bugs an major issues with Flash Points. That has always been a favorite part of the game for me. My family life and IT Job do not allow me to be on at prime time when everyone is doing OPS. I was hoping the problems where fixed, but after a few tickets to the Help desk and no satisfaction, here I am. They seem to have no idea about this, though the 1st time I put in a ticket on the HM Bonus boss they sent me the Deco. Now they don't and keep saying it is random. When in fact the Bonus Boss now seems to give 0% chance of a Deco and random on the last boss. :mad:


So what is it?

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