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at first, sorry for my bad english ;)


The game is now a bit more than 3 years old, and all we have for the pvp community is 6 (8vs8) and 3 (4vs4) bg's. That means we have only 9 bg's, we can run over and over again. Thats all we have got in 3 years. We have no OPvP no PvP raids like Aion or Teso, or somthing else. Thats realy a bad joke. And I though its war between two fractions in the universe.


The planet conquest could be rewritten. On the card could be distributed base, you must then capture and defend this bases against the opposing faction. And the fraction at the end of the week with most bases get the planet. Or for the beginning, daily pvp quest kill on the planets. So you have outside of bg worthwhile PvP. Or somthing else, but pls Bioware an EA give us more than only Battelgrounds.

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Just the other day someone posted about an open world pvp event they tried to do not working out for several reasons.


Reason A) Too many people, they got split up into 3 seperate instances.


Reason B) FPS tanked due to the game not being able to handle/render all the people.


Anyone who tried to do Ilum when it was the pvp thing can tell you that SWTORs engine just cant handle Open World pvp in any significant numbers.


Much as you might want there to be grand pvp battles, unless they replace/overhaul the games engine your pretty much smashing your head against a brick wall.

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