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Damage Reduction from falls (heights) / Force Jump and Jetpacks


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I know that this is an MMORPG, however, in the Star Wars Movies, the jedi and sith could jump higher (I know we have force leap and zealous leap/force charge and obliterate) but at least add damage reduction to falls like in the movies and action video games such as jedi knight ii or battlefront. Same for bounty hunters and troopers (storm and jet charge), they should be able to have damage reduction from falls for using a jet pack or boots to stabilize them from touching the ground too quickly. Problem is, smugglers and imperial agents...how would we go about their damage reduction from falls, guess like in battlefront ii han solo, leia, and chewbacca take damage from falls unlike jango fett/boba fett and the jedi/sith.
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