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TOR Economy Streamlined


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Okay, so for the most part TOR has improved at a steady pace since release. That said there are some things that I would like to see implemented. Please note that these ideas are intended to streamline how players interact with interfaces/ systems related to the economy of the game.


Priority Implementations List:







R-u-serial: How isn't this a thing already......




The gtn for the most part works well for what it is. I have seen several calls to improve it with some basic features that should already be part of it seeing as it is 2015 and the game is not a baby anymore, so take that bottle out of the picture and introduce some real sustenance.


1.) Searching for items through the drop down menus are fine, what needs to be changed is the search filters defaults need to always be on “search by cheapest price per unit” .



-Because its annoying having to deal with all the time.

-Scammers are a thing, check out the crystals on market for 1.1m credits which at a glance can easily be confused with the 1,100 price per unit when you click the filter.

-You can avoid scammers, easily, but it takes extra time every single time you search to make sure that the filter is indeed on “lowest price per unit” and not highest.


2.) Creating a sale for an item must absolutely have a box option that will : “Post all identical items in inventory upon creating this sale”. At the very least make the option to post items identical to inventory, at the most make it post all items from inventory, cargo bay, legacy vault/ guild bank if you have permission.



-Because there are items that sell in the hundreds per day (ie:augs) that you must create a sale for every single item with absorbs stupid amounts of time.

-Because certain items stack and others do not ( augs vs mk slots) which make no sense since for every aug that sells a mk slot is needed. Their demand is the SAME.







Love the mail system in regards to how you are able to move credits/ buying/ selling items ie, COD payments, select all/ take attached items are superb. Sending and receiving mail from players is an issue.


At the very least make mail messages sent to players accessible/ storable.



-It is extremely annoying having some one respond to your mail after several days/weeks/months and you do not have a copy of what you sent them. Maybe it is because I am not that bright, but I cannot remember what I asked/ sent some one after an extended amount of time, especially with the volume of mail i send.


But Spam?!- Keep reading


Add option to create boxes just like the way basic email systems work/ tags to auto sort the mail received.



A. 2015


B. We should not have to wade through a bunch of gold farm ads in my mail that have 1 credit stuck to them. Hooray, spam box. - also easily forward to bioware accounts that advertise currency farms if they wish to have that info.


C. Regular communication with friends/ trade partners made easy.


D. COD payments made easy/ sorted into their own boxes, so you do not have to wade through all of your trade partners CODs to see which mats are in the mail.


E. COD sales made easy. Box to track all of your outgoing COD sales so you KNOW that they were mailed and are sitting in the persons mail. Also add a specified time allowed for the person to make payment before the items return to you. ( including a “cancel COD” if you need to pull the items immediately like GTN cancel.


Sub E1: ** Point E is extremely needed as I have encounter spooky COD payment issues on two occasions with different players, where payment was not received but I got the mats ( from people i trust, still possible they lied but I do not think that is likely).


Sub E2: ** COD sellers take a massive risk if millions, some times tens of millions of credits are tied up in COD sales. For this reason a lot of traders I have dealings with are very hesitant to sell via COD because they got burned/ lost out on other economic deals. Yes it is easy to get around this but every veteran GTN mogol has been burned at some point, and it should not even be an issue at this point.


F. Because unless you are heavily involved in a guild that uses email/ communicates internally/ controls its own internal economy for progression or something, it is not realistic to use 3rd party communication/ emailing with other swtor players. There is a trust barrier.



Fluff: Just would be nice....


Friend list Management:


Not sure about everyone else, but I tend to have an ever expansive friends list that never stops growing over the years. Of my list I have people that are “friends” but mostly they are “contacts”.


Make the friends list system customizable. Take League of legend friends/ contact list as an example, you have the “general” pool of names that every one is added to when you click add friend. From that point you are able to right click and create sub groups that you name yourself.



-Who here only plays with “friends”? I for one play with in game friends, real life friends, trade partners, material farmers, material re-sellers, elder game progression groups, 1-60 power levelers & their alts, competitors, prospective clients, clients, role players/ lore people to just name the ones off the top of my head. The point is each person playing has a different depth of interaction with the community, and being limited to a single tab full of “friends” is very annoying when you try to sort through your list trying to find a specific seller/ buyer/ trader/ raider etc.


-Yes you can ad a tag to the people on your list, it is not enough when you are trying to find a specific raider/ trader etc with out memorizing the names. (Which I have done..yay me....)


Assuming friend list is customizable, right click a players name in chat or name plate etc an have a drop down menu that will let you directly add them to one of your custom lists in contacts.




Add kasier-rhine to:


Twilik Partygoers

Real life friend

In game friend

Gen chat trolls



-Because stop wasting my time with clunky interfaces/ making me click more things that are totally unnecessary to get what I want where I want it.








-In my humble opinion, TOR can be labeled as a game that is played by a lot of casual players. That said, lets make things simple. lets make things streamlined. Lets make progression less frustrating then it is. Lets make it straight forward and enjoyable. With of course not penalizing those who want to be “hard core”, whatever you think that is.


-Add a stronghold personnel vender that you can get by ( insert w/e grindy/ cartel coin sink whole nightmare here) who will sell all that you need for meeting basic eldergame progression.


-Features of The personnel/ vender

-would act like a pseudo mini gtn

-interface like a shop would display everything that you need/ can get off the gtn

-Open interface would look exactly like crafting drop down menu.

-Drop down menu would include boxes to check off just like the pve quefor roles.




Kasier-Rhine Progression Vender


Class Sith Warrior

PVE Role:

[ ] Tank

[ ] DPS


-As soon as you check one of your classes role option the interface would then display the exact mods/ enhancements/ armourings/ augments that are needed by that role.

-This vender would be linked to the GTN and display the current item mods tailored/ needed by your class/ role AND would give you the option to sort the GTN listings by cheapest to most expensive/ or hopefully automatically lists this way.

-You would be able to make purchases directly from these listings as well.


-Why would we ever need something like this?

-How many terrible pugs have you had dealings with that have absolutely no clue how to build their gear sets? Exactly. far to many wipes and so much time wasted/ people frustrated when a dps jug queues for tank with dps gear/ does not know difference/ gets yelled at because he is a scrub noob trying to get into eldergame things, who is then totally turned off because people are upset with his lack of knowledge which he cant get without quing/ trial and error.

** But what about doing your homework?

** Alas, how many people do their homework when they are totally new to eldergame content? Alas not many. Just put the information into a system like my proposed Progression vender. Make the process less frustrating for new and veteran players.


-Lessens the burden of figuring out which mods you need. Ie web search/ mod comparisons at fleet token venders.

-Mogols celebrate! Market research is now basically automated as a smart little hutt can use these venders to determine what is in supply for roles etc, which in turn that information is used by crafters to meet un-met demands/ fluctuations in the market more quickly.




Plebs-vs-Mogols: A Hutt’s Slippery Dream


Note that threads related to player shops/ stalls to my current knowledge have been suggested at times, the following takes the idea step further/ is incorporated with the intended purpose of streamlining the way players interact/ manage economically within the game.


Also **Note I think the primary medium to buy/ sell goods would be fine if the above GTN changes are met. If not the following is just suppose to be alternative marketplace linked with pre existing systems.


Player controlled vender/ shop/ stall


I do not care which way it is spun into reality ( cartel coins, extension of strongholds features, or a whole new area in game) but it would really make me a gitty little hutt if we could have this.


** How this could work.


Proposal A

1. Must have a central Bazar/ market place in a location. Fleet, planet, space station, doesn't matter.

-This location would be finite in size, enough room for X number of stalls.

-Stalls would be operated by companions.

-Companions would act like as a “slot” like the GTN for buying and selling

-Ie, assign companion 1 to sell x99 kasier-rhine sweaty hutt sock at 15 credits per unit until recalled of action was completed.

-ie, asign companion to buy x99 kasier-rhine sweaty hutt sock at 7.5 credits per unit until until ecalled of action was completed.

-Companions buying would buy and sell from any other trade stall as long as there is something for sale for the price that you specify when setting the buy/ sell command up.

-Companions would stay at the trade post/ could not be used while they were at the market trying to sell/ buy stuff for you.

-Any player is able to walk their toon to where the stalls are located, and interact with the stalls to browse the wares.


-How to get a stall?

sub a: I dont care, cartel coin item that gives you x number of days to use a stall in the market/ upon using the item you would be qued in/ back logged.

sub b: Bid for the space with credits/ cartel coins. ie Lolipoppiggy ownershiptime expires in 2 days, and anyone can come to the stall and bid for the next x number of days, highest bid wins, simple.

sub c: incorporate it into guild conquest item drop? or pve or pvp, or each one respectively/ can be applied to stalls.

-There is a tax on items sold/ bought, but it is slightly less 6.5% cut on items sold, because well ya’know hutts are greedy and have to compete with the GTN. Luckily, 50% of the total amount taken as the hutt cartels cut is put into the hutt lottery. This lottery would be distributed to the server population in any way imaginable, random roll? Monthly event that you can attend at casino? Make it apart of the next casino event. Just make it fun. ( Crosses fingers for speeder racing even with this as part of the grand prize).


Proposal B


-Have a stall inside player strongholds that sells/ buys items as described in proposal A

-Have a central location with finite number of agents/ representatives that would advertise the strong hold that you are selling your items at. Players would just talk to one of these reps and they would transfer players to the stronghold that has the stall.

-You would enter a contract with the rep for x number of days.

-People would make these reps work for them in a similar fashion as described in proposal A

-Added benefit of this proposal is opening that stronghold you spent millions of credits on is now being viewed by the public as well. Could expand this by giving players the option to “rank” the stronghold while they conduct their business, so we can have a player voted stronghold ranking, just to add some community value to our palaces.

sub a: make event out of the ranking system, whoever’s stronghold gets the highest rating for the x number of days that all the reps are working wins a special trophy to put on their wall.


Proposal C


1: Proposals A + B= C, accept instead of player owned, make it guild operated stalls, and the reps would bring you to either guild star ship or headquarters.

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