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Open world PVP event tatooine


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Hello fellow TOFN players,


lets have a big OWPVP aka laggfest event on tatooine this weekend. The reason why i organize this event is because i love open world PVP and thats the reason why i joined this server tbh :p. It'd be awesome if a lot of players show up.


location and time: tatooine dune sea (at world boss area) on saturday 7th of february at 8PM GMT

Cya on tatooine :)

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It will flop like every other pvp event made by community.

Either no one shows (highly likely just by looking poor post) or everyone does and engine cannot handle it and there will be 5 different instances and it will be extremely laggy and unenjoyable.

Best tip i can give you is start looking for other games if you enjoy PvP. SWTOR is good for 2 things.

1) RP (it will lag)

2) RP with only clothes(cartel will supply these for you cheap price of only 9,99$)

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