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Lords of the Ring Ranked PvP (Pub Side)


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With season 4 quickly approaching, we Lords of the Ring







are looking for a few high-end PvPrs.


We have a lot of ranked experience dating back to 8 v 8 days. We are looking for players with viable classes for 3.0 that not only understand their class but also the mechanics of the other classes as well. To get in contact with us either PM me or whisper one of us in game, any of us will be glad to run with you to see how we mesh.






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Hey K'xx here on Pub side. I have mained a shadow (dps) since release so I have lots of experience with the class which is most OP right now. Came back from a year hiatus about a month ago so only 60's right now are shadow and a sin. Have Operative, Slinger, Jugg, Vanguard all 50+ and various other lowbies for other class experience.


I have some experience with the old 8 v 8 format and mostly spent all my time getting beat up by the best teams when 4s came out because of lack of other teams in the que. I tried pretty hard to get the community more involved too. Definitely was learning and I can keep a positive attitude through constantly losing. Still currently min maxing my gear.


I'm not the best player, but I'm above average (imo) and can communicate well on VOIP. I am down for dedicated training or just using me when you need an extra. I can prob bring a few other people when needed too. Let me know if you have any interest and we can go from there.


To anyone else reading this I am down to play with whomever whenever in regards to ranked. Kickball or competitive. Send me a message.

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Hey unfortunately I will be unavailable for the start of the season. It is reading week (spring break) at my university and I am away from my gaming setup until Sunday February 15th. I usually can play in the range from ~3pm PST late into the night depending on what's happening in school.


I will find you when I get back to the game next Sunday. Sorry I can't be there for the start.

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