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Mercenary - Arsenal


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Hi guys,


I am hoping you can help. I play a merc arsenal. My gear is mostly 192's with a few 186 enhancements. I have the 6 piece set bonus. Whenever I parse I can't seem to get higher than 3900. I have checked out the dulfy website and everything. Do you guys have any tips that I might be missing?

Accuracy is 110

Surge is a little high at about 333

Crit is a little low at 386? I believe.


Any input or tricks is much appreciated!



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You probably have commendation mods.


The low endurance/low aim mods/enhancements have more power/crit and as a result you have more damage stats which translates into more damage.


But mostly you need higher level gear.


Arsenal does not parse high. Doing low 4k parses in best gear is actually normal for arsenal.

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