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Hey guys, just getting back into the game, I have a lvl 25 merc and noticed quite a lot of spells filling up my keybinds already, are there any spells you just don't use in pvp and pve that you leave off your keybinds? thanks!
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First, they are NOT spells, they are Abilities.


Second, what spec are you? are you Arsenal? Healer? Innovative Ordinance?


Third, depending on what spec you are. you will need different abilities on your hotbar.


Arsenal: Heatseeker Missiles, Tracer Missile, Rail Shot, Blazing Bolts (Put Unload where Blazing Bolts would go, Blazing Bolts isn't until Level 57) Priming Shot (Put a filler skill there like Explosive Dart until you get Priming Shot at 41)


Innovative Ordinance: Incendiary Missile, Thermal Detonator, Mag Shot (Use Rail Shot until you get Mag Shot at 57) Power Shot, Unload, Serrated Shot (That ability is gained at 41, so put a filler there) Explosive Dart, Fusion Missile (Don't use them rotationally, only for spreading your DoT effects) and Missile Blast (Only use under 30% HP when the proc thing is glowing around it)


Bodyguard: Rapid Scan, Healing Scan, Kolto Missile, Kolto Shell, Progressive Scan, Cure, Kolto Shot.


Also, keep Supercharge Cells close by or on a key you can hit easily so that you can use it every time it is ready.

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