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Tips for Min/Maxing gear


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I was on my Sniper last night, geared in all 186 comms gear, on ToS 2nd Boss. One of the DPSs told me my DPS was too low and that I need to min max my gear.


I was hoping to get some tips on how to start doing this for PvE, as I can only find PvP guides on min/maxing gear. Basics would be much appreciated. TY

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Well, for very basic, always go mainstat over Endurance (Cunning for you, I believe). Your Tech or Force Accuracy should be 110%, but no higher. The rest of your secondary stats should probably be in Power and Surge, though a bit of Crit Chance can help.


PvE guide:




Scroll down to the "gear and stats" section for a good start.


This is stickied at the top of the very forum you posted in, btw...

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PVE: Unlettered mods, 6 accuracy enhancements + 1 accuracy augment or 7 accuracy enhancements low on endurance. This guarantees %100 accuracy. Cunning/power heavy with about 200 crit and whatever surge you can also get from earpieces, implants, enhancements - don't have the exact numbers I got from code, but it's some convex combination so as long as they're weighted averaged in some reasonable sense, it's good.


PVP: If you want, %95 accuracy (from three low endurance accuracy enhancements), power/cunning/surge with a bit of crit. I personally get my crit from earpieces/implants, and have surge/power enhancements. If you don't care for accuracy, go power/surge on enhancements all day, and you can even ignore crit rating if that's your preference. I don't recommend that for MM though.


A gimmick you can do for more crit with MM is stacking aim on mods and augments instead of cunning. All significant PVP damage in MM is white (you only want CD for the debuff while preparing for a burst), so aim gives you same bonus damage with more crit. I have 1.05k bonus damage, %95 accuracy, %74 surge and %30 crit thanks to this.


Don't do that in PVE obviously. Leth and Engi are really tech heavy.

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Cheers guys, I saw dulfy's guide but i wanted to know the specific enhancements etc, the stickied MM guide is best for what I need!


MM is the best sniper!



Quick Savant




Since I'm using legacy gear, I'm using a mix of Initiative/Acute Enhancements for my Sniper. However, I recently slapped an Accuracy Augment, so I just replaced one weaker enhancement in favor for a Quick Savant Enhancement. I'm currently going at 99.88% Accuracy atm, but 3 more 198 enhancements will probably push me to near or at 100%.

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