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The <Ex-Dalborran Elitists> LF 2 DPS for 3.0 HM ops (APAC)


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We are currently in need of reliable DPS to fill out our second raid team for HM progression.


Regular raid times Thursday/Friday at 7:30pm AEDT.


We can assist skilled players in gearing but reliable attendance is required.


Speak to Ameel or myself in game or visit the website - http://tede.enjin.com/home



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Hey there im akhilio. looking for a IMP progression guild that raids in the APAC time zone. I live in perth australia. extensive Nim clear experience pre 2.8. Just retuning to the game now. I am competent in both PVE and PVP. will provide my Parses and Warzone screenshots to any guild tht wud like to see it. My last raid was Nim DF when it first launched. Left at the time DP came out. I have 2 toons tht need a home. A marauder and sniper both at 51k hp with 4400-ish mainstat. No set bonus obviously. i work very well with others .



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