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Just a thread on things I would love to see come to the game how about all of you !


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The planet Ossus , Onderon and Kashyyyk . . .


The moon of Duxn as maybe a daily hub area to accompany the planet of Onderon.


Species as playable characters Kel Dor , Nautolan and Rodian


FInish Mannan as a full planet with Daily hub.


Jedi robes like the Humble Hero set with long sleeves like what the Kreia Robes have . . . just something to actually look like a JEDI with a name like Jedi Master's robes. . . To some of us names on clothing and other equipment actually matter to fit our particular character.


More KOTOR / KOTOR II gear sets, pets, items.


A regen animation with a training probe droid where you reflect the blaster bolts with your lightsaber.


New S.H. on these planets would be great: Tython for that Jedi Master Character, Korriban for the Sith, Mannan underwater stronghold would be awesome just think of the possibilities with that.. . .. Hoth everyone needs a stronghold on ice. If Ossus was ever put in the game I would love to see a S.H. there... it is a planet very dear to the Jedi So one of my guardians would live there...


New stronghold TITLE for Tatooine : Moisture Farm


Raise the cap for the number of S.H.'s you can actually have active at one time from 4 to whatever the current number of S.H's available is ... no one wants to shut a house down after they have put time into getting it to look a certain way.


More CHARACTER SLOTS per server . . . Bioware if you happen to read this which I hope you do . . . I am running out of slots lol I need more character slots for new species. 22 is awesome but 32 would b better. . . :)

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