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The Shadow of Revan expansion...


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Hi everyone!


Tomorrow my sub ends and i won't renew it(because i won't have much time to play the next month) so i won't be able to post anything in the forums anymore but i had the idea of this post since i came back from a break and started my journey throught SOR expansion.


1. The enviroment design on those new planets are great, i mean i loved Yavin 4 so much and in many times i took the time to look around me att the beautiful design of that planet, the missions were fun and smooth, i loved the ability to move around with out the need to kill more mobs than needed, i really think those who worked on the design of those planets should get a promotion!


2. This is the first time for me to really like the armor design for both PVP and PVE, i actually kept the armor i got on my sage and Mara so far because they really look nice.


3. The new OPs kinda fun and i say kinda because each run was anything but smooth because of the bugs, but i haven't done the TOS yet because i didn't get a group for it yet(Don't like to pug groups for raids).


4. I loved the story(even though its the same in both sides) and i wish to see more on the personal character stories!


5. I think that you have revived the crafting system in this expansion and i hope you keep it up!, you can always keep at least one item which can be obtained by crafting which gives the crafters the means to spend time and money on crafting!



Now to the things which i think need to change a bit.


1. 60 HM, yeeeaaah...those are boring and very very hard on pugs tbh, this is the first time i see groups quit on FPs because we couldn't kill the last boss, i mean if this is the way to gain armor(unless you have a guild to help with the new OPs) then i must say that BW did a poor job with those, we have already done those many many times before (for decorations and other reasons) but to do them yet again while they are so hard like this...

untill now we couldn't defeat the bouns boss in that Mannan FP... i mean sure make it hard but i think you have over done it tbh..this was a disaster because i never needed to beg people to do an FP untill now and sometimes not even the GF can help with that...


2. Once i reached max level and got enought reb in my inventory to reach legend because of the many characters i have, i had nothing more to do other than working on my gear(And i mentioned who much it sucks to do that through the new 60 HM FPs).

Now i love the decorations and i spent a lot of time on decorating my DK SH already(not to mention money too lol) but BW i see a great potentiel wasted...you have a great achievment system now but i feel that you didn't really invest in it yet.


Why don't you put rare and unique trophies, decorations and other Items like armor in the DK?, i have spent some time to work on those achievments but then i thought, i would i do that really?, give us motivations to spend hours after hours to get somethings which are unique, i see people right now more like clones tbh because you can get EVERYTHING either by money or CM, please BW give life to this system.


Everything i mentioned above is MY opinion about this expansion, and tomorw i won't be able to respend just so you know.

Have a good day!

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