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X2 PVP rewards for the duration of the Pre-seasons.


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The Pre-season is the time to do the grind for new gear. We all know how tedious it can be and not everyone (myself included) is able to play enough to really grind up all the PVP gear needed to be truly effective in endgame Warzones and Ranked Arenas. Weather it be work, school, family or anything else. Life gets in the way.


Now some of you may remember the last time we had the X2 PVP rewards. I don't know about everyone else but when I was doing PVP I really felt like I was was making genuine progress. And I felt GOOD about it and most others felt the same way.


I heard a lot of people say (after the event had ended) that we should increase the PVP rewards to make the X2 rewards permanent. I actually don't agree with that. Despite my feelings on the grind's tedium I do think that the grind is mostly where it needs to be.


That being said having a bit of a helping hand can be a big relief to a great many people. With that in mind I think having the X2 PVP rewards during only the pre-season time eras is a good compromise. To clarify I'm not talking about having it during the weekends of the pre-season. I mean having this be on every single day of it. It would be turned off for the regular PVP season time.


I know some Pre-seasons are longer than others. At the time of this threads creation (the Season 4 Pre-season) we've had 2 months before the start of Season 4. However there have been other pre-seasons that have only lasted 2 weeks. So this means we would have to take advantage of it as much as we can. Also doing this for the pre-seasons can create buzz for the following PVP seasons to come. If people know that they have a chance to be more effective in the next season then they will be more inclined to queue-up.

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I'll be interested in PvP gear when dual spec is put into place and I can have two sets of gear equipped at all times and just switch between them.


Otherwise, it is too much trouble...


The whole PvP gear thing is a stupid idea anyway, gear should be gear...

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