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Jedi knight Deceiver Chestpiece visual bug for Females Body size 2. reposted.


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lower part of this chestpiece bugs for female body size 2.

Body size 1, Front Angle: http://gyazo.com/9b43af799e0ef5f3df4b3e4995108e17

Body size 1, Back Angle: http://gyazo.com/bafe722c2a3d20d25aa285c2e28ec254

Body size 2, Front Angle: http://gyazo.com/7e7849f8845389c2f3762c3a19d210fc

Body size 2, Back Angle: http://gyazo.com/640a6a5189cb0a3c228ea4d881e78a0f


if you look at those pictures you can see the differenec

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