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The Golden Aurora (Heavy-RP)


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The Golden Aurora is one of Nar Shaddaa’s finest restaurant, hotel and casinos.

While beautiful in decor and design, the Golden Aurora is nothing without its team of skilled and motivated staff. We are looking to expand that team.


Existing on both fractions, the guilds <Golden Aurora> (Imperial) and <The Golden Aurora> (Republic) are business themed heavy-roleplay guilds based out of the guild leader’s Nar Shadaa stronghold. Their members represent the staff that run the business.We are currently taking applications for all positions within the establishment.


We are accepting role-players of all experience levels so long as they can fit in within the lore of the establishment. Our staff are not world crushers and war heroes, they are ordinary people looking for work. We require all staff to be part of the guild; we are not taking on RPers who simply want to moonlight when they’re bored. As such, we suggest applying with an alt. We want the guild tags to be recognized right away as members of the staff while inside the stronghold.


The application process is much like you would expect from apply to an actual restaurant. There will be an short interview given by one of our officers.


Guild Website: http://goldenaurora.enjin.com/

Ingame contact:

Sâray (Empire)

Almaty (Republic)

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Having the website of the Golden Aurora on Enjin never suited my needs. Thus, I reactivated an old blogspot page for the Golden Aurora. In conjunction with the discord server this will serve my purposes better.

That said, due to a wide amount of responsibilities, it is currently impossible for me to have regularly staffed operating times for the Golden Aurora. However, I am happy to provide keys for those who would like them and if my schedule allows, I gladly rp there as waitstaff for private and larger rp events as long as I am given enough time to prepare.



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