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Companion appearances in strongholds


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this is my first post in this sub-forum.


I finally found the time to prepare my "hotel" on Nar Shaddaa. I placed many companions in the rooms there. I have topic rooms. For example one big, simple room with many beds like in a youth hostel and one honeymoon suite.


Now my problem is that I have two characters of each kind, e. g. two jedi knights, two smugglers etc.


And I wonder how the game chooses the companions placed in the strongholds? Some jedi knight companions wear the armor from my jedi A, the others the ones from my jedi B. And it doesn't matter with which character I place them into the stronghold.


I noticed it first when I had Kira Carsen in the honeymoon suite with her fancy night dress (don't remember the name). On my other jedi Kira has a proper armor, because I use her in the field. Now she stands in the romantic room fully geared up and it looks a bit weird. :o


Is there any way to get the "correct" Kira Carsen companion into the stronghold? I know that I could make it so, that I use the same armor on both Kiras, but they fulfil different roles, so the Kira from my jedi B wouldn't wear fancy clothes. ;)


Any ideas?

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there is no correct kira.

I have 2 inquisitors and in my DK stronghold when i enter it with my assassin Ashara has Lana's armor on but when i go in on my sorc she has Thana's armor on.


I believe it does the same if a random player pops in that kira will look like theirs (if your not in it) and i dont think its possible to change that.

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