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New cross-faction guild recruiting


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<Undecided>, home to the guilds <Mostly Imp> and <Mostly Pub>, is finally opening its doors to recruiting. We are starting from scratch, and are looking for players that would like to be part of something new, and want to be there while we grow and achieve goals in both guilds.


We are not a single focus guild, and will have something for everyone. Do you want to part of a regular Ops team? We will have them. Do you want to be on a regular Ranked PvP team? We will have them as well. Maybe you just like to chill and level toons a lot. You have a place here. Whatever it is you like doing go for it. You will never be made to feel you HAVE to do anything with us. We are here to have fun and enjoy the game we are here playing.


There will be plenty of opportunities to foster some friendly competition between the 2 guilds with lots of planned events and possible prizes as well.


Unfortunately, as a new guild we cannot offer what the big, established guilds can - fully open flagships, full guild banks with all tabs open, max exp/rep bonuses...but we will in time. What we do have to offer at the start is a Teamspeak3 server (with public channels), a website, a couple guild bank tabs for each guild, and some friends that want to grow both guilds and have some friendly competition.


If you're looking for a guild that wants you to be there while we all achieve milestones, and have fun doing it, then by all means, come join us. For more information, or an invite, you can pst or send an in-game mail to:


<Mostly Imp> - Ukorz, or anyone with Corporal rank and higher

<Mostly Pub> - Nadered, or anyone with Corporal rank and higher


or visit our website at:




Also, for those interested, we have some leadership positions available in both guilds (with certain requirements of course). Again, you can contact the people listed above for more info.

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