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ultimate leveling bundle question


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just returned to game, havent had a character to max level yet. i have read what the pack gives and read about what it covers in my character perks in game..Improved Class Mission Experience I-V....Improved Exploration Experience I-V....Improved Flashpoint Experience I-V.....Improved Space Mission Experience I-V and Improved Warzone Experience I-V.


i been reading posts on this bundle and found one here http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=619282 post #6 basically saying i will earn 30 percent more the normal rate of 100 percent being a sub.


the 30% class quests which is a handful till max level, exploring which is to far an inbetween, instances if i chose to level up that way, space missions which i have no idea about yet and warzone stuff which i dont pvp for.


am i understanding this correctly? because that thread i mentioned is telling me i will earn 30% across the board from killing mobs to doing zone quests which i feel it wont be doing anything for me. the 10 major exp boosts..i could just buy whatever off the market to use.


i dont do anything out of that character perk for this bundle other than class missions and the occasional instance..i shouldnt be buying this correct?

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