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New reporting feature for Gold Farmers


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Since not everybody who is reported for spamming is a gold farmer, there should be a new section for us to report those accounts for easier referencing allowing whoever is in charge of handling gold farmer accounts an easier way to finding them.


Give us a "Report Gold Farmer/Gold Spammer" option in the drop down menu when we right click on their names.


Or, make it so theres an additional drop down menu for when you click "Ignore", select the reason. Like click "ignore" and then you get "Personal Reasons" and "Spammer" and "Gold Farmer/Seller" to choose from.


Also should add an "Ignore for account" listing when you right click on somebodies name. So you dont have to ignore the same people 12 different times per server. Also give us an "Add friend for account" so you dont have to add the same friends list 12 times per server.

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