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Guard is sooooo cool!


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I mean, no! Really! It's great! Every single tank and every single DPS melee can guard. So you end up fighting .... well, actually ...


I dunno! I no longer know who I'm fighting!


Sure, I target player A. But... who's taking that dmg?! Because it isn't player A. Is it the tank on the left? Or the LoS DPS marauder hiding behind that box over there? I... I dunno!!

Anyway. Guard for everybody is downgrading players to NPCs. You no longer decide who to attack. It's the opponent who tells you who your target is going to be.

There's an enemy player who's low on HP? Forget it! You're an NPC and he's not on top of the aggro list. So you will not attack him! You will attack the 100% HP DPS Vanguard instead!

Oh, now the DPS Vanguard is dropping? Then you stupid NPC will no longer attack him. You will now attack the marauder instead! At least, as long as the marauder gets H2F again.


Guard in PvP is a GREAT concept!

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As a staunch tanky this made me lawl.


But seriously good PvP tanks are in such short order that I have basically have a small fan club with the healers.


And these hybrid melee DPS who use tanks stance are gimping themselves, they neither tank nor DPS with complete efficiency.


You just need to learn how to deal with them, tanks can die if you focus fire. And if you separate and stun them or the guarded person for more than 15m the shield is null.

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But seriously good PvP tanks are in such short order that I have basically have a small fan club with the healers.


I like a good tank, can I join the fan club?


As for the OP.. my favorite part was that he said the person taking damage could be the mara los'ing. My mara didn't get a guard, where do I get it?!

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I always thought the selfless concept of guard was funny.


I play sin tank sometimes, and I'm a selfish bastard. I don't think I excell pro-pro-yo-yo at sin tank, I think my "decent" skill level comes from just general game awareness and stuff.


All the male PT and Sin tanks I know are between 20-25, really altruistic, and just good people.


My BFF is a black dude. He's a jugg tank. Best one I know. He's got the good morals, but (not being racist) he has that classic black competitiveness that, in conjunction with his selflessness and skill, makes him the best tank I know.


Idk where I'm going with this.


EDIT: There was this one spoiled, snotty, bratty, narcisstic 17 y/o Jugg tank. Third or fourth best one I knew. And then there is Faldyr...

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ITT: OP encountered a tank that knows how to guard swap and doesn't know what to do.




Right - sure looks like it ...


been away for a while . . .


so correct me here I got this wrong . . .


We're now not only demanding minus nerfs on those classes that someone actually mastered, but Tanks aren't allowed to Guard swap?! And we're blaming the poor sods that finally learned that, - for what - playing correctly!!

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Considering BW's history at balancing classes, they would probably change guard to become a channeled ability with a 5 seconds cast.

Or maybe they would change guard to reduce the incoming dmg to the guarded player by 15 %. This effect can occur only once every 10 seconds.

Oh yes and they would call it a buff and there would still be ppl out there saying it would be OP.

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I main a healer and play a tank. I hate playing with guard. The game turns into a joke, whenever this mechanic is in play. When there's tanks around, survivability becomes ridiculously easy. I'm not saying you can't die with a tank. That's not what I mean by easy. I mean your decisions matter a lot less, because living gets funneled by the tank. An amazing player that can see everything going on, great mechanically, has fast reflexes and consistently makes good decisions gets filtered out. Canceled out by players who just tunnel health bars when both sides have guard.


Group play with tanks. Your decisions turn into just healing, rather than creating distance with slows, using line of sight, positioning, ranging, kiting, bunch of other **** that separates great from mediocre. With a tank you stand there. You have to stay in guard range even if you don't have guard. PvE requires more skill. I mean at least in pve you have to avoid fight mechanics. Look at group ranked. Basically stand there. You don't leave a 30m circumference (if even that). You stand there and tunnel health bars. Incredibly amount of skill required.


You barely even help with interrupts and CC. I mean it doesn't even matter. Everyone has instant casts, channels now and smart aoe healing. Why? Because of guard. Because all healers had to be equal to operative, so they can stand in the middle of the fight and spam instants. There's no penalty for standing there. In fact it's better, because you'll get dotted or aoed out of CC. What kind of gameplay is that?


But it's harder on dps, right? They have to switch targets and your team has to outplay guard to win. I can see where a one dimensional player with no competitive experience outside of this game can think that. It is harder to play a dps without a tank. Your decisions matter more on whether you live or die. Your play also means more on whether your teammates live or die. No tank as that designated peeler. That means it's on you.


But people can get away with tunneling when they don't have to worry about guard. Why is that? Game's damage is set-up around the tank filter. Waste of time to switch targets during someone's defensives when there's no tanks around? You can blame that on tanks. Damage numbers become inflated when teams don't have tanks. How often does the average player get guard swapped to them in pvp when they are taking damage? I can probably guess less than 10%. Balance a game's pvp numbers around at best 10% of the actual pvp going on. And when you are playing in that 10% the game becomes mechanically easier. It's no wonder pvp here is dead.


SWTOR has never known any better. So if this is your first MMO to pump time into, you probably don't realize how bad guard makes the game.

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