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Lvl 55 operations after 3.0

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For PVE guild members


If guild which didnt do a lot of operations would like to try lvl 55 operations with 192 gear (no sets bonus) with 186 agu, which lvl should they choose for eg DF S&V? Are they albe to do HM without bigger problems? Maybe NIM? Im saying that some of us know tactics, but only like 2/8 people.



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It good to start moving into more mechanically challenging fights for your guild. It certainly keeps things interesting, and teaches everyone to play their classes better.


Now that players are Level 60, you'll find that the old Level 55 content is generally more forgiving that what guides, that were written when the content was current, would indicate. You'll take less damage, and be bringing more DPS and heals to the table.


That being said, your group, or at least the operation leader, should read fight guides so that your group can understand what is mechanically different from Story Mode, and what needs to be accomplished in the fight.


As for the order of what to tackle, I would suggest doing the operations in the order that they were released, generally.

  • TFB HM
  • S&V HM
  • DF HM (except for Brontes)
  • DP HM
  • DF HM (Brontes)
  • TFB NM
  • S&V NM
  • DF NM
  • DP NM


For a group of players with no nightmare experience, be prepared for the Level 55 nightmare content to still be quite challenging.


Best of luck!

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