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Worst. Trap. EVER! - Consular Spoilers.


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Spoilers ahead for The Jedi Consular storyline... Not that it actually spoils anything good.


So my mission is to board The Javelin and steal it from The Empire. My character makes it very clear that we should just blow the thing up rather than trying to take it, since it's the most powerful Imperial ship in the area and destroying it would be a huge blow to The Empire. The mission to take it over is just senseless risk taking... But for some reason, The Republic wants to capture it instead. Alright, fine.


So I get on the ship (they just let me walk right in... No sentry ships, no fleet to guard it, no shields, no legions of troops to stop me...) And then I get to the bridge where the droid happily informs me that I've walked into a trap, and the ship is about to explode with me on it. So I leave.


So let's just review here... The cunning Imperial admiral has decided to destroy his most powerful ship - Which is what I wanted to do anyway - Just to lay an easily escapable trap that doesn't even come close to killing me anyway?


Even if he killed me; What's the life of one jedi compared to A GIANT gosh darnED DREADNOUGHT?!? This is the worst trap I've ever seen. This is even worse than the bugs in Starship Troopers laying a "trap" by "trapping" the soldiers in an almost impenetrable fortress instead of just killing them in the canyon they just marched through!


Who wrote this part?

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Your death could end the Rift Alliance which in turn would mean the Republic could loose many reasorces, remember they said if the Rift alliance left the Republic it could doom it.


One dreadnaught is a easy loss if it mean the loss of many reasorce rich worlds from the republic, worlds that without the Republic for help could be taken by the empire with ease.

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Yeah it was a weird way to trap you.


I think it would also destroy a large amount of your fleet.


But the Consular story is basically: SITH EVIL!!!! YOU STOP THEM!


I was disappointed, since there was a LOT of room for gray areas.

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It is true that this is consistent with The Consular's story. Basically;


Sith = Idiots

Republic = corrupt idiots


And The Masters keep telling me that everything is going to doom The Republic - These are the most fatalistic idiots I've ever seen.


"I can't find my keys... This could doom The Republic."


It's really sad that the only reason my consular character is compelling at all is because I gave her a great backstory and personality.

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I imagine the thinking behind it is that the Barsen'thor is a top priority target and would need an extraordinary type of bait, such as the dreadnaught, in order to be lured in. Anything smaller wouldn't be important enough to ensure her attention. But, yes, it was a weak plot device and didn't utilize convincing game mechanics to pull off the story.


From what I've read the Consular story was written by a newbie in BW, hence a lot of the inconsistencies and weak plotting. What can you do?

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