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Mercenary Bugged sounds: Unload,Tracer Missile, Fusion Missile, Heatseeker Missiles


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Founder here.


i have done some research over the past few days and i have found out that as of patch 1.4 most of the sound effects for mercenary skills are bugged and been muffled or removed completely.

I have posted a number of videos showing before and after comparisons of 2 major skills of the arsenal spec, Unload and Tracer Missile.


Tracer Missile:

Patch 1.0 -1.3


Note: The sound had mechanical whirring while casting and a punching 'boom' on explosion.


Patch 1.4-3.0 (live)

The casting sound has been replaced with a weak 'click' and the missile has no sound while traveling to its target. Explosion sound effect has been muffled and has little impact.


Unload (and possibly Blazing Bolts)

Patch 1.0 -1.3


Note: (I posted 2 videos to show its not the blaster making this sound.)

As you can see, a nice 'PEW-PEW' sound effect is added on top of the blaster's sound effect to make it sound more powerful.


Patch 1.4-3.0 (live)

For some odd reason the 'PEW-PEW' sound effect was removed and only the blaster's sound effects are played by itself now.


None of these sound changes were were announced in the 1.4 patch notes and the devs have stated they are sound bugs, but what annoys me is that recently, Forcequake's sound effect got bugged and they fixed it immediately and never event touched these bugs!


Eric/Tait ANYONE! Please just acknowledge these bugs and say u are working on them.

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it was intended? I dont remember the patch notes or the devs ever confirming that. Do you have a source?




I don't have a source.


Seeing they were all changed pretty much SIMULTANEOUSLY, almost three years ago, logic would dictate it was intentional.


There's no conspiracy here.

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