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For RPers from Runi


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He's an idea for RPers. I don't rp but I have befriended RPers and im here at work chillin on mando. So I have an idea. Like the cut scenes in the game could be used to RP.

Here is how it would work.

You would request "rp" from another player.


Then you get in the cut scene of looking at each other with glossy eyes.


You would only be able to see chats for the rp.


Went you type to one another (since your toon wouldn't be able to speak via voice actor) it would appear as a chat bubble and you toon would look like he/she is speaking.


Then you would have actions (like the conversation wheel) to pick hurt or kill the said player or well whatever other actions RPers do.


You could also have more players join or have the group set for #of players.


The cross rp would be hard to include tbh but I was thinking of somthing along the lines of the view of the screen would be the character you choose to look.


This could be a whole new system so many thing to help the idea would have to be put in game like strongholds is.(since you can't be inside my head and view my pictures idea so I'll leave it to your rping minds)

Well RPers there you go my idea for you. Love it hate it I really don't care.


Yours truley







P.s. Maybe this is a bad idea for me it would stop my trolling...

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