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A way to reset Class Mission progress/companion quests to the beginning


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I've been playing SWTOR since beta. Over that time I've played all 8 class stories, four of them twice. I played most of these in the first few months of the game, and since then haven't looked back. But I would enjoy to play through these stories again. The issue is that my only option for this is to roll an entirely new character, and in an MMO that's a large commitment, especially when my character slots on a server are full. Wouldn't it be nice if I could take my level 60 and go back through and replay all of the class quest content (which would include resetting Hutt Cartel and Revan main quests) with my already 60 character and be able to make different decisions?


Here's what I'm thinking.


A legacy unlock that you purchase once for all characters that will show up on your class ship. You can use it whenever and it will reset your class quest and companion quest progress to the beginning, letting you go back and make different decisions and replay the class stories, regain some of the unique armor and weapon models that are unavailable elsewhere, and enjoy the story again.


All companions, excluding HK-51, and Treek would be locked (able to use as gathering/etc. but not active companions) until they're re-unlocked in the story. All affection will remain at its current level, and no gear on them will be lost.


EDIT: Think of it as a new game + option. It would be pretty great if it also had a level scaling option to scale it up to level 50, or even 60 content within instanced areas.



I know this may be a bit for Bioware to get working, but I think it'd make a great addition to the game.




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I would absolutely support some sort of "advanced mission" replay system, but do they have level scaling anywhere in the game?


While being able to replay class missions would work as an excellent refresher for someone that may have not played a character in a while, taking your level 50+ through the works and fighting level 15 opponents isn't going to be very exciting.


If they could add a scaling opponents system, then I would love to see some sort of replay offered for characters that complete their stories. Maybe make them available at 50+ for characters that have completed the first three chapters, then every 5 levels for the expansion stories (I haven't played any of the expansion stuff yet so I am not sure how they work, but if there is something that passes for a class story in RotHC then unlock that at 55 if the player has completed them, and then unlock thr SoR replays at 60 for players that have already run those).


I am not sure about the rewards, though.


I think that part of the whole point is that you could select this particular bit of armor now or let it pass.


I think that if they were to do this that I would like to see some different rewards, even if they were just variations of the old ones (maybe some of the same basic armor/weapon skins, but with new names at least. Possibly new patterns and/or color schemes, maybe with a little detail tweak here or there).


But again, it all depends on if they can make scaleable instances.


Opposed to replaying companion conversations though. While the missions are fine, I don't think that using infinitely repeatable conversations to farm affection in that way is okay.


Now having replays of the conversations, just running them as a single thing with no responses, so that you can refresh what you have said and done before would be okay by me.

Set them up as a reviewable holorecordings, divided by companion, listed in order, and given the entry title of whatever the little mini-mission ended up being called when you wrapped up the conversation, along with every other cut-scene that your character was a part of, but not as something that basically lets you have that conversation over and over again.


I don't think that that sort of affection farming, never mind the infinite XP potential along with the occasional extra rewards, is a good idea.

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You retain your affection from a previous playthrough, and every time you "reset" you lose access to companions outside of gathering/crafting until you unlock them again in the story, so you're talking having to do quite a few quests to get a companion back just to repeat a few conversations. It's not like affection is hard right now (Go to fleet, go to museum, buy 2 stacks of rank 1 gift of their favorite, get them to 6k go do a planet with them or buy some blue rank 5's and get them to 9k.) This would be an extremely ineffective way of 'farming affection' (a system that is already really easy and cheap to do.)



As for infintie XP, also won't be an issue because you need access to your ship to reset, and if you reset before 50 then we won't even have to account for anything like scaling (which is a nice suggestion! I'll add it to the OP)

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Yes, 110% endorse this. I was just now testing dialogue options on my bounty hunter and accidentally completed a conversation, didn't esc in time. It progressed, I missed the entire convo and worse, I am Frapsing my class stories and missed out on this part. I'm pretty ticked that I can't reset it and play with the dialogue options, and now I'll have to have an alt restored, buy some XP boosts, and slog through Nar Shaddaa just to get it.


I would use cartel points and redo my entire class story just to get a chance to re-do that conversation, no joke, I've been wishing for some way to do this since I finished my first BH a few years ago. :(

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Necro-ing this, but only because it is a feature I've really REALLY wanted from the beginning, for many reasons!


For my initial max level character, it adds continued/replay value; for new characters it lets me know that I can go back and explore other playstyles; for mid-level characters I started and then had to leave the game for many many months for real life reasons, it allows me to brush back up on the story to its current point.


Bioware: if you have implemented this, please tell me! If not, please do!!!!



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