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About making flashpoints relevant


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Ill start by stating that i'm not quite certain as to whether Bioware intends for flashpoints to be more than a mean to initial gearing for further progress in operations. In any case I found it a bit disappointing that with the release of 3.0 I barely had any reason to actually enter the new HM flashpoints, seeing as my 186/180 mods and enhancements were better or of very similar quality to the high endurance 192lvl gear that the HM flashpoints drop, and is availible through commendations.

Now, it would be a problem of larger magnitude if the hours of progressing through the hard/nightmare modes of Dread Fortress and palace went down the drain entirely with the release of a new expansion (A large part of why i quit WoW a few years ago) through the release of easily aquired gear that made all older gear obsolete.

This creates sort of an odd catch 22, either a large part of the content released will be pointless for the most dedicated players, or the time the same group of players spent prior to the release of the new expansion will be rendered pointless.

The way i see it there is therefore no way of making hardmode flashpoints appealing to the most dedicated part of the playerbase. The solution in my mind is instead the release of 4 man content with a higher difficulty level, like pre-nerf Lost Island.


My proposal is thus: Nightmare Difficulty Flashpoints.


The way that this, in my mind, would work is as follows:

These flashpoints would be scaled only slightly higher than the current ones when it comes to numbers, emphasis would instead be put on mechanical difficulty and, in the spirit of the storyline on Yavin, on communication and cooperation.

As number isnt higher I dont think that the tier of gear that drops should be higher, but rather that the gear should be of the same tier but of greater quality with a setpiece token from the last boss.

Now, considering the quality of gear that I suggest the nightmare difficulty flashpoints should be given a 24 or 48 hour lockout in order to prevent players from farming setpieces at unwanted rates (See Columi tier during 1.0), thus, combined with the nightmare flashpoints being considerably harder than the current storymode operations having the story mode operations remain relevant.


Last but not least, why i think this would be a good idea.

The primary reasoning behind this is, as mentioned above, that I find it dissapointing that there is so little reason to actually play a large portion of the game. I also think that this would be a great way to introduce new players to the harder part of the end-game content which hopefully longterm would lead to an increased playerbase and with it prosperity for the game.

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