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How to FIX Slot Machine - Add REAL "Ultra Rare" mount...


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The one you added was a last minute intern special POS that lacks any reason to spend credits to obtain.


You want to get people to USE these slot machines? ADD some REAL MOUNTS and not CRAP ones.


Like the "ULTRA RARES" from the Acolyte’s Shadow Pack . THAT would get people using these again.

Savanna Vorantikus


Glacial Icethomper


Sorry, but you guys really screwed up on the initial slot machine deployment and the nuke nerf approach with a half A&S# solution in an attempt to "Appease" people.


In order to make future sales of packs with Slot Machines work you need to ADD a multiple set of "Ultra Rare" items that can come from these slot machines. It's only fitting they are from the same PACK series so they have a continued credit sink and means to obtain these types of mounts well into the future. (Make them BoL)

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Yea I opened an entire Hypercrate for the Slot Machine and didn't get that mount. :(


Just trying to make slot machine worth using again. Hopefully a tweak like this is possible.


The CRAPPY last minute "Mount" they put into the slots was a slap in the face.

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I don't like the mounts you suggested - but they do need something that isn't identical to an existing one that's not even that good.


Yea... I'm just tossing out an IDEA... a mount that is WORTH doing the slot machine for like we had for the Rancor mount. Using ALL the mounts from the specific release of Cartel Pack to me would make the most sense. Chop up the 1% chance amongst what 2-3 Ultra Rare mounts would make sense to me.

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