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Exotic grade 11 mats and the GTN.


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Ok... this has been bugging me a while now. I've sort of stayed quiet about it because I figured there was some 'larger picture' reason as why Matter Transubstantiators and Exonium couldn't be listed on the GTN... but the longer I ponder it and the more people I talk to about it, the more puzzling it becomes.


Can someone give me a straight answer as to why they can't be listed on the GTN?


As a crafter, it sort of urks me because the amount of people who actually have these mats are so limited that I'm constantly struggling to trade my products to people.


Now, I'm aware that the surge of those mats came from the exploit. But I honestly don't give a crap about that. I only care about people having them or not. Doesn't really concern me where they got them. So.. when measures are made to make having these mats be an intentionally hard thing to do... it sort of begs the question: "Why is it so hard?"


Especially when you consider that the majority of those MTs are coming from HM runs where the loot that is being dropped is of a higher rating than the equipment I can use the MTs to craft! That makes the MTs practically worthless to those people who won them! So why aren't those people allowed to sell them off on the GTN and let other, less fortunate players, who don't have HM progression groups, in on the stock of mats?

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as far as I know - its a bug. all the previous tiers of mats could be listed on GTN. this tier of raid/flashpoint mats is tradable rather then BoP, so it should be listable.


items bugging out and not being list-able on GTN is something that happened before. eventually it was hotfixed.

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