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Looking for a place to call home (Empire)


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I'm new to the Star Wars Game and i must say the storylines in the game are amazing.

I'm enjoying the game very much and the community is helpfull and nice .


What i'm looking for is a nice,social,mature guild with a actieve guild chat (raidcall,vent,teamspeak),people to do quests,flash pionts,Pvp or talk about the upcoming Star Wars movie :p


Any guilds on the server that are recruting socials?

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Hi Bartub,


Over at Cake we are a social guild that gets involved in all sorts of activities on both factions. While we are not a levelling guild, we do come to help our members out with levelling whenever they ask and there are always some people who are levelling an alt.


Give us a look at ltek.enjin.com and if you like what you see, please feel free to drop in an application.

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