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Need 1 Tank, 1 DPS and 2 Heals for Main Ops Group! [Republic]


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<Zenith> are recruiting for our main 8-man lvl60 Ops Group! We need:


- A Gunslinger

- A Tech Healer



Our Requirements:


Be Patient - We need people who won't rage quit after wiping a few times on a boss - that's what happens in Progression, after all. It is inevitable that we will occasionally have to group with PuGs - we need players who are patient and willing enough to let inexperienced players learn tactics.


Be Committed - We need people who won't just up and leave after two days because we haven't managed to recruit the rest of the classes we need. We need players who are willing to commit time, effort and thought into learing tactics and working toward a common goal of finishing the group and completing (eventually) all the Ops (achievements for everyone!).


Be a Member - We need people who will join our Guild - none of this "I'll join your group, but I'd rather stay a part of (x) Guild/I don't want to join your Guild". Being part of the Guild means it's easier for everyone to be up-to-date with what's planned, and allows easier interaction if we decide to run something impromptu just for fun.


Have/use Mumble - The number of people we've come across who claim "I only use TeamSpeak/RaidCall/something else!" is a bit mad. It's free, and works great for us!


Have fun! - We're a fairly casual Guild, and we do what we can, when we can, because we enjoy it. It's a game, so it should be fun!




Our Official Ops night is Saturday, though we like to do more during the week when we can (which will happen even more often when we've filled these 4 slots).


We don't need you to have much experience, and we're happy to teach tactics, but we do expect a little bit of common sense with basic tactics like "stay out of circles" etc.


If you're interested, please Mail or Whisper Dajathwi to find out more!

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