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Mature founding member looking to join established guild, Harbinger


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I've been playing since shortly after the game was released, and have multiple characters level 60, both Empire and Republic. I've burned out on solo and pick up groups, but still love the game. I've been interested in operations and raids. First time posting n the forums, so my apologies if this thread is in the wrong place. Please mail Darkfeather in game on Harbinger server if interested.
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I'm not sure what type of guild you're looking for, specifically, but you might consider joining us!


Shock and Jawa is a mature, semi-casual guild who enjoy running Ops, FPs WBs and some of us do a little PVP from time to time (if you are so inclined). We usually have Ops most nights, from the beginner/open Ops on fridays and saturdays, to one of our three HM teams that run sundays/mondays and wednesdays/thursdays. We also have SM Ops run on tuesdays azs well, depending on your experience and comfort level.


We have a full GB, Flagship, Mumble, and +10 xp and rep. We also have Population Control; our sister guild on the Imp side with full GB, Flagship and the +10 xp/rep for all of your sinister and diabolical needs. We also have some first rate Officers and Ops Leaders, as well as plenty of experienced and veteran players that have also been here since launch.


If this sounds like what you're looking for or if you have questions, feel free to send a whisper to any of our Officers. You can also check out our website as well.




Either way, good luck in your search, and we will see ya around Fleet. :D

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