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Triple-coloured dyes


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Hello everyone.


When I saw the triple-coloured crystals, I immediately thought, that maybe there should be triple-coloured dyes as well. Or maybe add a separate dye slot for primary and secondary color, and add a third as well? After all, there are a lot of armors, that have more than two colors, and no dye can change certain parts! Take the Cassus Fett chestguard, for example. The cape will stay the same color, no matter what. Or the Primeval Paragon robes. The armored part will stay gray, and there's no way to change it.


It would be a way to improve the dye system a bit, even if you can't pick your own colors!

Thanks for reading!

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This would be nice to see, because while the Two-Color Dye Modules are nice --- there are just some outfits that don't work well with them, and you're stuck with parts in brown or gray that you really wanted to change the color of.


Which color combos would you like to see made as Tri-Color Dye Modules?

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