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Returning player LF Guild (AUtz)


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Hey guys,


Come back after a long while away from the game and am looking for a guild to level with. Currently only have a lvl 47 Jedi Guardian that I am leveling. Looking for a fairly casual guild to level and just chat with.




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Please check out Children of Korriban. We also have a pub sister guild called The First Order. We are a casual guild and our main raid nights are Mon, Wed and Sat at 7:00 PM PST. We also run PvP on Tue and Thu nights at 6:00 PM PST. We are also famous for our Drunken Gaming Nights! (OK, famous is a stretch, and you don’t have to drink, these are basically social gaming nights, everyone is in vent laughing and having a good time, Drunken Gaming Night just has a nice ring to it :) )


There is usually a good amount of people online on any given night and we are all very willing to help out and run any group mission or activity. All of our information is located in my forum signature below.


Thank you for considering us!

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