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Collection system for decorations

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My suggestion is to add a collection system for decorations or add a Tab/Section for them on the collections window.


I suggest this because when packs get removed you cant get more decorations from them unless you get them from gtn (where prices reach the sky the day after the pack is removed) or if the pack is returned on a later date.

In the meantime you may have need to add another table, ceiling light or furniture to your house but you cant. This is where the collection system comes in.


Of course It wouldn't work as it is with other items that you unlock them and you get copies for free, for collections it would work if we get a price focused on the size of the decoration we want (small, medium, large, centerpiece, etc.) like 50cc for small, 120cc for medium, 200cc for large, 400cc for centerpiece.

And we get to pay that fee each time and for each copy of that decoration we want.


This way we have another way to keep getting decorations we need to fill our homes and we add more options to spend Cartel Coins at.

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