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{Suggestion} Guildmaster Allocation


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Hi all! What a crazy couple of months we've had since release aye???!


Ok here is a simple suggestion to deal with a recent issue encountered in game.


THE PROBLEM: Unlike when game launched, customer service no longer responds to guild recovery inquiries. This will occur when say a guildmaster is away for more than 30 days, some random person gets assigned the guildmaster role....


THE SOLUTION: Have the guildmaster be able to designate up to 3 guildmembers they would want priority in becoming guildmaster in case of their absence! It is a simple QoL fix that could be added to a hover menu in the guild menu tab.


Thaks and hopefully this can be worked!



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... some random person gets assigned the guildmaster role....

As far as I know, it's anything but random. The GM position goes to the highest ranking subbed player in the guild. This amounts to the exact same solution you're proposing; the GM can designate people with a higher rank so they can receive his/her position in case of him/her going AWOL.


I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong on this.


I got a (dead) guild that way after I was unsubbed for a while and came back. Got me a nice personal Bank Guild :p

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It seems to go to the next officer to log in after the GM's account goes inactive. Say you have 1 GM, 4 next rank down, 8 of the next rank, so on And so forth. So if you are the first of the 4 officers to log in you get the guild.

That is how it seems to work, but I may be wrong.

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