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<The Order of Rova> Heavy RP Guild [Imperial] [The Ebon Hawk]


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The Order of Rova

"Change the Empire, may it thrive."

A new Heavy RP guild on The Ebon Hawk US Server

Founded January 2015


Who are we?


The Order of Rova is a new heavy roleplaying guild founded on January 11th, 2015 and currently led by Phadros Rova. As a guild, The Order of Rova hopes to: 1) Host a community of experienced, mature, and dedicated roleplayers; 2) Create and develop a unique story with our given theme; 3) Become a guild well known and respected across The Ebon Hawk US server.



How is the roleplay?


In The Order of Rova, our roleplay follows a certain theme that our members refer to.


For this theme, the Order of Rova was established by and headed by a Dark Lord of the Sith known as Phadros Rova. This man, tall and masculine in stature, formed such an organization due to his own aspirations for power and desire to reshape the Empire into his own image. He believes that this vision of his is what the Empire must become in order for the Sith Empire itself to be preserved and prosper with or without a Galactic Republic haunting known space.


He believes that the way the Sith Order manipulates the Force is wrong, considering the Dark side to be half the key to ultimate power - the Light side being the other half of the key. To attain full mastery in the Force, Phadros Rova believes that students should be taught a blend of Light and Dark, to be able to manipulate both paths of the Force. In this Order, he will mentor students in this manner. And when these students have mastered the Force, they will be at the service of Phadros Rova, ready to serve alongside others to extend Phadros Rova's reach within the Empire.


This guild will conduct roleplay as often as possible, outside of our guild chat channel. As well, there will be organized events that occur weekly in the form of meetings, battles, trials, pilgrimages, and more based on roleplay. As the guild ages and these events proceed, the events are recounted in our website forums.



How is the guild governed?


In The Order of Rova, we have organized ourselves in the following manner:


At the top, we have our leader being Phadros Rova. Below him are two [uNAPPOINTED] second and third officers. The second acts as an enforcer and overseer of the guild when Phadros is absent, while the third works with our council. Below the hands consist of the 6 [uNAPPOINTED] members of the Rova Council. The council behaves as a legislative branch with the ability to vote on topics ICly and OOCly, especially in regards to promotions. Individually, each member of the council are appointed to head a certain aspect of the guild.



What types of members do you look for?


In our guild, we seek members that are 17 and above. They must be mature, have prior experience with RP in some sort of form, have a character predeveloped with a backstory, and be moderately active. As well, they must be willing to contribute to the guild, interact with its members, and roleplay with our members as often as they can whenever we have an event or something special going on.



How do I join?


To join The Order of Rova, you must be invited by the guildmaster. To be considered for membership, you must fill out a four section application on the guild's website. Once it is submitted, it will be reviewed. Your answers will help us determine if your personality, character, and activity make you suitable to be a part of our guild.

*Additional questions may be asked ingame*



If you'd like to apply, please go to theorderofrova.enjin.com! Or contact Phadros (Guildmaster) ingame.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How many members do you have?


A: As of January 22nd 2014, we have 15 members.



Q: Is there room for advancement in the guild?


A: Yes, we follow a program that we call the Rova Progression Program, it is a system that members follow to advance within the guild. It correlates with RP.



Q: How often do you have events?


A: We conduct unorganized and organized roleplay. However, we conduct officially organized events once or twice a week.

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