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My list of pet peeves with the state of the game.


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Disclaimer: I know a lot of these things have reasons for the way they work the way they do from a logistical and gameplay standpoint. And I am by no means saying we need to change all this!!! Think of this as a list of things that can or do happen in all video games and are in fact needed to keep the game balanced, but if it were real, we would all be looking at it going ***?!?


So here we go:

(I will try to keep this focused on just stuff in Star Wars)


1. Enemies of a different faction attacking from a distance on sight.


This makes no sense unless we were all in uniform and forced to wear said uniform. Especially in a city or outpost standpoint. My Sith wanders too close to a Republic outpost and all the guards attack on sight....no questions asked. I then take my Jedi dressed in the exact same gear and they do nothing. How do these guards know which is which from 50 yards? All have telepathy I guess.


2. The ability "Unload".


The ability that is given to those who dual wield pistols, they criss cross their arms, angle the pistols on their side and rapid fire from both pistols and do a ton of damage. This one irks me a lot. Whomever decided this was "neat" or "cool" is an idiot and has never held or ever shot any kind of weapon. First, is the issue of accuracy. If anyone would try this even without recoil, you would be hard pressed to hit your target in any meaningful location, even as close as 10 yards unless it was blind luck. And add in recoil? Forget about it! Totally not even believable in fantasy.


3. Speeders/Mounts.


Did every single speeder company get together and decide "Lets make some really nice looking products and make them explode with a single shot"? Now, I know this is more of a low/mid level issue. But, this makes absolutely no sense at all. Every speeder in the known universe explodes on impact of a single shot? And not to mention anyone firing at said speeder has 100% pinpoint accuracy to never miss? Sheesh.


4. Grapple.


This is an extension of the speeders above. This is extremely prevalent on Oricon with this Beast Masters/Acolytes. You are blazing past them and then, what do ya know? This guy can grapple you and your speeder at full speed and 20 yards away with pinpoint accuracy and pull you AND your speeder back to them?? This is just wrong lol.


5. NPC's attacking even if they have no chance at winning said battle.


This one I have wondered for awhile. Why would any person, who is watching a Sith or Jedi, mow down all their comrades in the area en mass think it is a good idea to attack said Sith or Jedi when they are driving by them to get to another area or leave the specific area? Are all people in the known universe just that eager to die that they pick a fight with every single person who crosses their path? What, they have no sense of self preservation?


"Hey look a Sith! ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!" *attacks*


6. Im gonna hold this grenade up for 5 seconds and show it to everyone! You see it? Do you see it? How about you? What about you back there? You see it?


7. Almost every single animal in the known universe is a predator.


8. Sand People NOT labeled "TUSKEN RAIDERS"



So, what is your pet peeve with the game or mechanics that just make no sense?


I have another list coming but that one is more serious.


Also, please remember, this is supposed to be a fun list, not a completely serious "This needs to be fixed". I am well aware of how and why a lot of this happens, even if it would make no sense for said thing to be happening. This was also a lot shorter than what I had in mind, but a migrane kicked in so cutting it short. But would love to hear other situations from you guys.


Also, there is too much fighting right now over the slots.

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