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Suggestions to help SWTOR streamers


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I like to watch streamers on Twitch/Hitbox, and thinking of starting my own stream in the near future, and there's a couple of things I'd like to see from SWTOR to help current and coming streamers:


1. Improve giveaways

Some streamers like to do giveaways from the Cartel Market, e.g. a pack (and they often get CC from referring new players to the game) but it's quote tedious and slow to do these giveaways.

Often the streamer has to log on the server of the winner, buy prize from Cartel Market and log in 36 hours later to finally mail the prize.


To improve this I'd like to suggest Bioware to have a service where (accepted and wellknown) streamers receive codes for promotional items/CC for giveaways.

Alternatively it could be a service where (accepted and wellknown) streamers can trade their CC for CC-codes or simply let you (Bioware) know who the winner is so you can move CC from the streamers account to the winners account.

(issue: how to avoid these CC codes being sold rather than given away?)


2. Promoting streams

I know Pokket among other Bioware people watch streams occasionally, but why not use forums/twitter/newsletters/website to help bring more viewers to these streams? So far I think we've only seen promotion of your own Community Streams, which is a bit sad when we got several good streamers out there who deserve more viewers.


3. Events

I've seen this in other MMOs (e.g. LotrOs TTHTI and SHIELD events) where the Community Manager spends a couple of hours on each server to complete an event.


Example: Have a group carry Musco through an operation.

Make a thread in each server forum where raiding groups can sign up, and either pick a group through voting, random draw or by picking the group with the most/fastest progression on Ravagers/ToS HM.

Once Musco has done that for all servers, the server that got Musco through the raid the fastest gets a time-limited vendor that sells an exclusive item.


Alternative Events:

  • 4-team Bioware people do ranked PvP,
  • A fresh lvl 1 Musco character (zero achievements) is carried by 3 players for 60 minutes in an attempt to get Musco as many achievements as possible. Most achievements win.

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