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Day 28 since the outbreak


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People woke up to patch 3.0.2a.


It was an average Wednesday for most of the swtor subscribers.They logged in and something happened to them.They changed,it was quick and seemed to spread like a virus.It started with a few threads here and there,the posting of illegal drop rates and the calls for refunds.



28 hours later


The forums had erupted into chaos.Threads with illegal drop rates being deleted left,right and center it was almost as if bioware wanted to hide something.The virus had spread,the first 3 pages of General Discussion were filled with calls for refunds,but now it had escalated...there was now calls for lawyers and talk of EAware shares plummeting.It seemed to have spread from swtor to the real world with angry subscribers taking up arms.



28 days later


The world as you know it has ended.There is no trust left.There has been mass theft of Monster,Redbull and Twinkies.The Swtor headquarters had been evacuated soon after patient zero gathered a gang of angry subscribers to overrun it and get their refund!When bioware didn't pay up,the angry subs found it their right to take what they were owed from society.If you are alive,if you are angry and if you are still subbed to swtor,there are several swtor loyalist refugee camps scattered across the world.But be warned,once you go there,its pay to live......(and NO REFUNDS!)

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