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Fearless Arms [R] - Looking for daily players, casual raids, progression


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Hello all. Fearless Arms is a Republic guild looking for more interested in PVE or PVP.


***See most recent posts in this thread for current raiding spots***


We are always in need of people that are frequent or daily players, looking to clear content in pick up groups, help with grinding conquest points, casual PVP, or just doing your own dailies if that's your thing. We're a very friendly guild looking for mature people. We are not a leveling guild, so most of who is always on has multiple 60s and our guild chat will not annoy most.


Max guild bank, max XP bonus, mumble, guild ship, guild stronghold.


We are not a die hard progression guild, nor are we an elitist PVP guild. That said prior to 3.0 my HM group was 8/10 in DF and DP.


My alts are in my signature, you can also just mail obim in game.

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1) Do you allow people who's character names have more than 5 letters?


2) What if someone feels Kate Beckinsale is washed up? Would they still be welcome?


3) What if I wanted to name a character after a Tolkien Elf, but someone else is hogging them. Would a name change happen in order to accommodate?


4) Could a guild name be changed? I was thinking "I have a bad feeling about this". Catchy, right?


5) Would I be able to form a ranked PVP team with Obim, Flacita and Yippee'kayay? I hate playing against all those guys. I am sure they would make a formidable squad.

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Okay so we are in need for a tank or a dps for a Tue/Thu progression group. 8:30pst start time. Must know fights well in SM. We're only though Bulo on Ravagers HM. Full 186 gear required, preference will go to someone that can tank and put their tank in our guild,, but we can use a ranged DPS if we have to. Group still does SM for filling out set bonus so we can help gear you out. Pls mail obim in game.


You should have cleared HM DF/DP at least, so we know you can pickup mechanics.


Start date will be 2/3. You must be punctual, but we're pretty understanding if something comes up and you can't make it once in awhile.


This will actually be to take my spot as I cannot raid Tues. If somehow there is someone that can go Tues but not Thurs I can make that work. That said, both days are yours if you want them...

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Couple spots in HM prog group. (dps and/or heals)


Also forming new SM weekly group, have several spots.


Please mail obim in game. Please give me your availability Tue, Wed, Thu. (we raid usually 830pm PST start time for 2 hours). As I might have to juggle dates to accommodate.


If you're interested in HM, you should have full clears in 8 man SM with some 192 gear. Or, if you've been gone, some kind of HM or NiM achievements for TFB/SV/DF/DP so we know you can follow instructions :)

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