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Don't remove the Slot machine Please consider something like this


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Remove the Scrap, Parts and Junk out of the machine all together. Add in a Slot machine/Vender currency that can be traded in at the Legacy vender for items such as the Scrap, Parts and Junk, Cartel Certs, the walker mounts. To buy items have there be a Reputation requirement and


If you go buy what another poster put in one of the slot machine threads with a 90% payout, Have there be a %1 chance to get 5 of this currency, 5% to get 2 and 10% to get 1. Have 10% chance to get Green, Blue or Purple Rep, and a 30% chance to get your Token back. That comes out to a 76% chance to get something and a %24 change to not get anything. But that percentage goes down when you start to factor in the token payback (re-rolls) the players will get.

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