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Mounted Camera Distance Problem Since Launch.


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I am still surprised this hasn't yet been addressed in 3 years of this games' existence, but there seems to be a real disconnect between camera distance of your character, and the camera distance of your character while mounted. The distance while mounted zooms out much further compared to the distance of just your character unmounted. This has been a very jarring experience visually that never seemed to have any actual logic behind it.


The problem really hits hard when you decide to mount a vehicle with more verticality such as Walkers and Rancors. The camera zooms incredibly far out, to the point where is actually if visually jarring and deters the player from actually using those mounts, regardless of how cool they look. I am partial to the Rancor mounts; I really like them. But I rarely use them because the camera zooms way to far out, that it always looks like you are looking at the game through a spyglass. You still see it to a lesser, but very noticeable extent on shorter, average height mounts. This has been in since the game's launch and I really think removing this disparity, or at least adding a toggle to keep the same camera distance when mounted as your character in the Preferences menu would definitely remedy this awkward problem. I never quite understood any concrete reasoning behind this, intended or not. Nowhere have I seen this "feature" in any other MMO, and probably for good reason, as it is visually jarring to some people.


I really hope the development team can fix this in a recent upcoming patch, as it would be a great quality of life improvement for this game.

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